The Wall of Shame

 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause division and 
the offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. 
For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly;
 and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.  

Romans 16:17 & 18.

Sacrilegus omnium prædonum cupiditatem et scelera superat
“A Sacrilegious person transcends the cupidity and wickedness of all other robbers”

     In obedience to the Word of God we offer here, as a faithful witness to the truth in Christ and for the general learning and edification of His body the church, that which we have been led by our Sovereign Lord and King to publish and call The Wall of Shame.  

    Here you will find a collection of the names of those souls who, after having received of the Holy Spirit Our true and faithful witness, did with premeditation willfully and knowingly use their power and influence to persecute, defame and destroy the body of Christ; and specifically to rob, pillage and plunder the substance and inheritance of our Christ and His holy ekklesia - the church at Salem - Scire debes cum quo contrahis.   

    There is no particular order to the names which appear on the Wall and as we are led by our Righteous Judge to do so, we will add new names thereto.  Likewise, when those who have committed offenses which have caused their names to appear on the Wall repent of those offenses, and show evidence of their repentance, their names shall be removed.  

     Anyone who believes their name appears on the Wall unjustly should contact the church at Salem to show cause as to why they believe their name should be removed.  In fairness and good faith we will then hear and print their Petition for Removal along with Our final Adjudication declaring Our disposition as to their status on the Wall.  Until then, our prayer for them is simply this.              

     May God Almighty have mercy upon the unrepentant souls of those who
 willfully and knowingly, in conspiracy with others of their kind, abused the power of
their office for the expressed purpose of destroying the Kingdom of His Son; 
and for destroying the lives of those He Called and Created in His 
Righteous Image to Establish that Kingdom in the earth. 


Those appearing on The Wall of Shame and their current status. 

       No reply      -      Earl R Gage (mayor of Salem)
       No reply      -      Robert D.  Johnson (president of city council)
       No reply      -      David J. Puma (city solicitor (lawyer)for Salem)
       No reply      -      Robert Stein (lawyer & lien buyer)
       No reply      -      Neil H. Shuster (judge)
       No reply      -      John B. Cooksey (Salem County Sheriff)
       No reply      -      Ted Dengenock (Under Sheriff)
       No reply      -      John T. Lenahan (county prosecutor)
       No reply      -      Harold B. Johnson (judge)
       No reply      -      David E. Krell (judge)
       No reply      -      David Cornman #305 (lieutenant, prosecutors office)
       No reply      -      Peter Halter (sheriff’s officer)
       No reply      -      Robert Gant (sheriff’s officer)
       No reply      -      Henry N. Nelson (tax assessor)
       No reply      -      David Crescenzi (city treasurer)
       No reply      -      G. Thomas Bowen (judge)
       No reply      -      Steven M. Sweeney (state senator)
       No reply      -      Jeff Bartone (State Police Counter Terrorism Division) 
       No reply      -      Ronald Sorrell (police chief of Salem)
       No reply      -      Tracy Wiggins (reporter, Today’s Sunbeam)
       No reply      -      William Gallo (editor, Today’s Sunbeam)
       No reply      -      Frank Gargano (manager, Today’s Sunbeam)
       No reply      -      James Hefner (warden Salem County Correction Facility)
       No reply      -      James E. McGreevey (former governor)
       No reply      -      James E. McCormac (former state treasurer)
       No reply      -      Joseph A. Priolo (real estate agent)
       No reply      -      Alan B. Handler (judge)(Judicial Review Board)
       No reply      -      Daniel J. O’Hern (judge)(Judicial Review Board)
       No reply      -      Edward J. Dauber (judge)(Judicial Review Board)
       No reply      -      Robert N. McAllister, Esq. (Judicial Review Board)
       No reply      -      Peter N. Perretti, Esq. (Judicial Review Board)
       No reply      -      M. Karen Thompson, Esq. (Judicial Review Board)
       No reply      -      Arthur Z. Kamin, Mr. (Judicial Review Board)
       No reply      -      Theresa M. Kluck, Ms. (Judicial Review Board)  
       No reply      -      Thomas H. Brown, III (Judicial Review Board
       No reply      -      Gary W. Stuhltrager (N.J. Assemblyman)
       No reply      -      Jack Collins (Speaker, N.J. Assembly)
       No reply      -      John J. Farmer (N.J. Attorney General)
       No reply      -      Michael E. Benson, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Gilbert O. Gilbertson, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Edgar Hathaway, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Dorothy F. McCrosson, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Gary D. Wodlinger, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Christine T. Jones, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Genora Rosypal, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
Names soon to be added to The Wall of Shame.

       No reply      -      Anthony D. Buonadonna, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Jorge C. Godoy, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Thomas L. Grimm, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Liane P. Levenson, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Fredric L. Shenkman, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Linda S. Best, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Alan J. Cohen, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Jose A. Laboy, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Linda T. Pirolli, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Carl N. Tripician, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      E. Elaine Voyles, Esq. (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Thomas B. Purchase, Jr. (Rev)(Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Milton L. Hendricks (Rev)(Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Shirley Rebecca Wilson (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Cynthia M. Zirkle (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      Joyce P. Gould (Ethic Committee)
       No reply      -      Patricia A. Harris (Ethics Committee)
       No reply      -      William G. Cottman, Sr. (Ethics Committee) 
       No reply      -      John A. Tonelli, (Supreme Court of New Jersey
                                                  Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct)

Qui non propulsat injuriam quando potest, infert.
“He who does not repel an injury when he can, induces it”
Earl R Gage - Robert D. Johnson - David J. Puma - Robert Stein           Neil H. Shuster - John B. Cooksey - Ted Dengenock - John T. Lenahan    Harold B. Johnson - David E. Krell - David Cornman - Peter Halter    Robert Gant - Henry N. Nelson - David Crescenzi -  G. Thomas Bowen  Steven M. Sweeney - Jeff Bartone - Ronald Sorrell - Tracy Wiggins William Gallo - Frank Gargano - James Hefner - James E. McGreevey   James E. McCormac - Joseph A. Priolo - Alan B. Handler - Daniel J. O’Hern - Edward J. Dauber - Robert N. McAllister - Peter N. Perretti     M. Karen Thompson - Arthur Z. Kamin - Theresa M. Kluck - Thomas H. Brown, III - Gary W. Stuhltrager - Jack Collins - John J. Farmer - Michael E. Benson - Gilbert O. Gilbertson - Edgar Hathaway - Dorothy F. McCrosson -  Gary D. Wodlinger  -  Christine T. Jones  -  Genora Rosypal