Abbreviare  Chronologia 


the church at Salem


Sacred Pages of the ekklesia

1997 - 2005

Pre Seizure Period:

12-15-97:   Acting in legal persona, William Raymond and his wife Kathy Lois purchase with cash  
                 Guildford Manor - an estate house on 2 1/2 acres in Salem, New Jersey - which they will 
                 later place back into the Hands of the Rightful and Original Owner, Jesus the Christ, via   
                 an official Lawful act and process of the ekklesia  known as The Christ’s Divine Right of   

                 From the day the “property” so-called was purchased and occupied as a civilian 
                 residence [that which constitutes “minimum contact” with the forum state] up to the 
                 day it became re-Established in Christ as His holy ekklesia, William and Kathy faithfully 
                 rendered unto Caesar all s0-called “property taxes” that were due in a timely manner.         

02-18-99:  Under the forerunner “Guildford Manor Family Ministries” (GMFM), the church 
                  recorded her establishing (founding) documents at the Salem County Court House 
                  and was thereby officially entered into the public record as a non-incorporated, non-  
                  consenting “establishment of religion” in and under the exclusive Lordship of our 
                  Sovereign King, Jesus the Christ.    

                  Recording an “instrument of conveyance” in this manner is commonly known as 
                  “Record notice” - a declarative process of law which is understood to constitute 
                  “constructive notice of its contents to the whole world”. [Black’s Law Dictionary, 
                  Sixth Edition, page 1275]

                  Directly after Establishing the church, we hand delivered a letter along with certified 
                  copies of our new founding documents to the local Board of Taxation.  In the letter 
                  we declared our Establishment as the church of Jesus Christ and our subsequent 
                  status of Divine Immunity as a result thereof.  Also, we requested a final tally of 
                  whatever outstanding taxes might be due up to that date, so we could immediately pay 
                  the balance in full.  Also the letter stated that, congruent with the First Amendment, we 
                  could not and would not bear any further responsibility for additional taxes from that 
                  date forward.  
04-26-99:  As instructed by our Sovereign Lord, Jesus the Christ, the founding members of the 
                  ministry meet in Lawful assembly to repent and to formally and officially dissolve 
                  GMFM.  “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground 
                  and die, it shall abide alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.”  John 12:24.

03-02-00:  After approximately seventeen written correspondences and numerous phone calls 
                   between the church and the City, on this date we sent a letter to the City’s lawyer, 
                   David J. Puma, printed on the church at Salem letterhead stationary.   
                   Writer’s Notation:  During  one of the phone calls within this period I asked lawyer 
                   Puma if he understood that he was in violation of his own Constitution by withholding 
                   from Us our God-given, First Amendment protected, right to Establish the church at 
                       Salem without incorporating under the state.  He said he didn’t understand the First  
                   Amendment and that it wasn’t his job to interpret it; but only his job to work within 
                   the framework of statutory law.  Still, whenever I asked him to show us the specific 
                   statute which he believed required churches to incorporate, he could never produce 
                   such a law.    
                                                                                                                   William Raymond:

                   This particular correspondence, of all those sent up to this point, may have been the 
                   most important as it stated clearly all the pertinent information relative to the First 
                   Amendment and numerous case law decisions which lawyer Puma would have 
                   needed to know in order to understand the matter in its correct legal context, and to 
                   call off the City’s attack.  Rather than accept our faithful witness and the testimony 
                   we bore as to our true identity in Christ, lawyer Puma instead chose to simply ignore 
                   our letter and the ten day response period we respectfully imposed thereto.                                                     

04-04-00:  As instructed by our Sovereign, and in accordance with the Christian Traditions, 
                   Customs and Usage of our local ekklesia, the church at Salem in Lawful assembly 
                   served our first Lawful process - Part One of a non-statutory (Ecclesiastical Law 
                   Venue) abatement at Law - naming lawyer Puma and three other souls within the 
                   City government as codefendants for their individual and collective (conspiratorial) 
                   actions of trespass against Christ and His holy ekklesia.  

                   Subsequently all four failed to respond by the rule day and were forthwith 
                   individually served Part Two of the abatement - a notice of default.            

                   Approximately twenty days after being served their default notices, the City 
                   committed yet another action of trespass against Christ by sending a Notice of Tax 
                   Sale to the church.  

06-08-00:  On this date a meeting took place in lawyer Puma’s office.  William Raymond with 
                   two other brethren - Steven George and Edward Charles - met with lawyer Puma in 
                   the church and city’s first face to face meeting.  Historically, the importance of this 
                   meeting stands out for the way it clearly demonstrated the City’s utter lack of “good 
                   faith dealing” that would become so obvious to us in the days to come.   
                   During this meeting, lawyer Puma led us to believe he was sincere and that he had a 
                   genuine desire to resolve the dispute between us.  His exact words were “give us 
                   something to work with” and “meet the City half way”.  Understanding that we 
                   could not apply for a statutory tax exemption or participate in any other civil process 
                   that would legally obligate or compromise Christ and His holy church, lawyer Puma 
                   proposed another option.  He then proffered the idea that if the church would 
                   provide the City a formal statement declaring her position, this could act in lieu of  
                   the standard tax exemption application commonly used by 501 (c) (3) church 
                   corporations.  Feeling confident we had finally reached a resolution that was 
                   satisfactory to all, we returned to the parsonage and prepared our statement - a 
                   document titled “Witness of Faith”.  The following day we delivered it to lawyer 
                   Puma’s office believing fully that the conflict was over and that we would no longer 
                   be attacked by the City for our allegiance to Christ.   

06-16-00:   Despite all our efforts and demonstrations in good faith, eight days after delivering 
                   our Witness of Faith statement to lawyer Puma, the City of Salem defiantly and in 
                   blatant violation of every published law prohibiting mandatory church incorporation, 
                   sold the first of three (3) tax liens against our Sovereign King and His holy ekklesia - 
                       the church at Salem. 

And the King shall answer and say unto them,
Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it
unto one of the least of these my brethren, 
ye have done it unto Me.

Matthew 25:40            

                   Writer’s Notation:  It is important to understand that during our time of transition 
                   from the secular civil venue into the Righteous Venue of Christ, that we made that tran-  
                   sition in accordance to and as provided by the laws of both venues.  In other words, 
                   not only were we Called and Authorized by Christ to enter His Kingdom in this 
                   manner, likewise, we had a constitutionally protected and statutory right under the 
                   laws of man to obey that Call.  Therefore, despite the lies by the local newspaper     
                   attacking my “credentials” and portraying us as anti-government tax evaders, at no 
                   point in time was the church at Salem ever actually subject to or in violation of 
                   the laws they said we had broken.       

                   Whenever a local church formally announces her transition into the Kingdom as we 
                   did, eventually the question of who has lawful authority over her will be tested and 
                   must be authoritatively defended in a Lawful manner by the new ekklesia; which is 
                   now become an autonomous assembly in Christ - an “establishment of religion” as 
                   per the First Amendment - and is positionally and literally “hid with Christ in God” 
                   in obedience to Colossians 3:3 as well as other supporting scriptures (a subject for 
                   another time and discussion). 

                   Notwithstanding, once the church makes her entrance into the Kingdom, she can 
                   then be subservient to the laws of only one master for it is Written, “no servant can 
                   serve two masters” - Luke 16:13.  Or, as the maxim of law states, Ubi non est condendi 
                       auctoritas, ibi non est parendi necessitas, which is interpreted, “Where there is no 
                   authority for establishing a law, there is no necessity of obeying it” [Black’s, page 
                   1521 Id].  This maxim correlates with and clarifies even more fully the meaning of the 
                   words “no law” found in the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. 
                   Thus over the years it has been the rightfully stated position of the church at 
                       Salem that we cannot, and will not under any circumstances, perform in any man-
                   ner whatsoever under civil law.  

                   We are not civilians under Caesar; but rather christians under Christ... for real! 

                                                                                                                William Raymond:   

                  From the day of the church’s Establishment and entry into the public record, up to 
                  the day of the Seizure and Exile (a period of about six years), many correspondences, 
                  phone calls, several Lawful processes of the ekklesia and many other significant events 
                  occurred, including the false arrest and four day imprisonment of William Raymond 
                  on 06-04-01.  As they are altogether too numerous to list here in this abridged 
                  chronology, we’ll now proceed to the Post Seizure and Exile period of the church.


Post Seizure and Exile Period:

03-24-05:  After a protracted 6 year dispute, the church at Salem is seized by Salem County 
                  Sheriff, John B. Cooksey and agents from the Counter Terrorism Division of the 
                  New Jersey State Police.  Also, the pastor and his wife are arrested on criminal 

                  The reason for this unprecedented attack against Christ and His church, according 
                  to a tape recorded statements made by Salem mayor Earl R. Gage and their attorney 
                  David J. Puma just moments before the seizure, was because the church refused to 
                  incorporate under the State.      

                  Writer’s notation:  Although the City tried to disguise their real reason for the seizure, 
                  citing false and spurious charges to the court (an act of perjury), this statement from the 
                  lips of the mayor and coconspirator Puma reveal, as clearly as can be stated, why the 
                  church was seized.  Plain and simple - the church at Salem was seized for refusing 
                  to incorporate.  While surely they would never admit it, all the other grievances which 
                  the City held against Us over the years (such as their “property tax” ruse) were all 
                  essentially nothing more than red herrings. 

                                                                                                                William Raymond:  

                  With the church and parsonage legally seized, the pastor and his wife are immediately 
                  forced into exile for the next three years.  During this time, as a faithful witness in 
                  Christ to all that occurred at Salem, they begin working on a video documentary to tell 
                  their story.  Also during this time, construction on the church’s new website begins.     


01-01-08:  By the grace and mercy of our Sovereign Lord, Jesus the Christ, Sacred Pages of 
                    the ekklesia, the official web site of  the church at Salem, is posted to the  
                  World Wide Web.

02-11-08:   Our first run of 50, double disc sets of  Seized For Refusing To Incorporate!  have been   
                  duplicated, one disc at a time, and packaged for shipping.  As of this entry, nearly 30 
                  sets having been distributed to those who’ve been patiently waiting to receive one.      
04-30-08:  Using our new e-mail template for the first time, on this date we announced that  
                           Seized For Refusing To Incorporate!  could now be viewed from our website.

12-30-08:   Upon entering “the church at Salem” into the Google search bar, “Greeting 
                  Page” - the title page for this website - becomes the first listing on the first page after 
                  progressing through a listing of more than 1,250,000 others over the past year.    

                  To date, over 180 sets of  Seized For Refusing To Incorporate!  have been given away  
                  free without any cost whatsoever while our total visitor (hit count) for the year 2008    
                  stands at 4,636.  To God Almighty be the glory forever!


01-01-09:  By the grace and mercy of our Sovereign Lord, Yeshua Jesus the Christ, 
                    Sacred  Pages of the ekklesia  celebrates our first year on the World Wide Web.  

02-02-09:  As a faithful witness in Christ to all the world, on this date our Open Letter to 
                  President Barack H. Obama is sent to the White House and also posted here on our 
                  website.  All follow-up correspondence thereto are likewise posted on this page.

05-22-09:  The first program of our new internet radio ministry, An Hour with the church at Salem 
                  in Exile, airs on Free America Radio Network from 7:00 to 8:00 PM, EST.

09-22-09:  Free America Radio Network shuts down and An Hour with the church at Salem in 
                  Exile leaves the air.