Comments from Others

What Pastor Raymond says should be considered by every true believer in Christ.  
I have not come to believe all that he says, but I am much closer than I was even 2 or 3 
years ago.  His reasoning is based upon the Word of God.  He evidently knows 
that His love for the Lord is the most important thing, not anything 
he can do and not any philosophies he can think up to justify 
what he wants to do, and taking Scripture out of 
context to rationalize those philosophies.
What Pastor Raymond says makes a lot more sense than much of the 
nonsense that is preached in Fundamental Baptist Churches (such as “Bush was a 
good president, not perfect.  After all, I'm not perfect either”. Etc., etc.).  I intend 
to continue to study the Word of God and seek His truth on this issue.

Jerald Finney, Lead Counsel 
The Biblical Law Center, Indianapolis, Indiana.  

Dear Pastor Raymond, Please know that we are not only praying diligently for you, but also for those who are destroying religious liberties in our land.  The U.S. Government raided and seized all of our church property in Indianapolis on February 13, 2001 because we would not bow to the god State.  Our stand, and now yours for the Lordship of Jesus Christ over His blood bought church is the lynchpin of freedom for the church of America.  If the pulpit is not free their can be no freedom for anyone.  Churches are not tax exempt they are non taxable.  Too bad your local officials and others in New Jersey do not understand this principle.  
Dr. Greg Dixon, Pastor Emeritus, Indianapolis Baptist Temple

Hello Brother William,
I just finished viewing the dvd you send me.  Brother, there in no way that you could have presented or stated your righteous cause any more clearly.  As mentioned in your dvd, the 501c3 churches will never be able to understand the truth you present simply because we have all been "dumbed down" by our government run school system, and sad to say our well paid "corporate pulpit prostitutes".   Whether ignorantly or willfully really makes no difference.  The pulpits in America today our filled with blind and dumb pastors who simply cannot or will not tell the truth.  The more I try to show the truth of God's word, and the law upheld in our Constitution the more I realize how futile this effort is.  Nonetheless, I will not quit until our Lord and Saviour gives the command.
If you would like an endorsement from me just let me know.  Would you be so kind as to email me your phone number?  Please let me know what I can do to help.
Pastor Butch 

The Beast continues to stamp the residue of the remnant churches -  those who have refused the mark of the incorporated Whore of Babylon.  In New Jersey, Pastor William Raymond and his wife has allowed his state sanctioned pastoral ordination status to laps as he wished to separate himself fully from the Antichrist government that America has become.  Meanwhile, in pulpits across America, prostitutes calling themselves pastors continue to cause those that dwell on the earth to honor the first beast with their preaching obedience to Caesar through the paying of tribute and refusing to stand with their oppressed “brethren”.  The truth is, those precious Saints of God - like the Pastor and his wife - who are being crushed by the beast with the implied consent of millions of church going “Christians” are not really the “brethren” of these tares that refuse to stand for the truth.
James Lloyd

Overjoyed to receive your email announcing the new website - Sacred Pages of the Ekklesia.  It has been a long process but the site is up on the 1st of January (2008) as planned. Congratulations, thank you for keep-ing me in your prayers and I will continue to do that same for you and yours. 
See you soon, 
M.W. at Atlantic City, New Jersey

I just received your DVD.  I am quite impressed with your legal scholarship.  
“No King But Jesus.”
D. at Aurora, Colorado
“Meticulous in detail and absolutely stunning information is contained throughout.  No words can describe my feelings as you present the horror and injustice inflicted upon your lives by these demonic entities.”

My heart is filled with grief concerning your tribulations.  Also I rejoice in your sincere conviction and love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Certainly I stand with you as you stand for Jesus.  Please be sure my prayers are with you and hope to hear you continue to do well.  In Jesus, 
J.R. at Lancaster, Ohio

Reading your email and must mention your spiritual insights have been a blessing to me through the years. 
J.B. at Penns Grove, New Jersey 

Dear William Raymond, You live and benefit from the blessings we take for granted in America. And yes, you are right. It is far from a perfect society. But many faithful men and women have gone before us to bring us the heritage we do have in this land. Imperfect though it might be it is still the wellspring of missions and the Gospel outreach. It is worth saving or keeping as long as we can. The ones who went before us suffered and died, and spoke the truth and lifted up the Word of God under persecution and were burned at the stake. They voted with their feet to take their families westward to a land that embraced or at least tolerated the Biblical Christianity that brings this country the blessings that you and many others take for granted. Now all that is under threat and about to be carried off by the winds of "change". It is a Hegelian change for the worse and you know in your soul this is true. And yet you will not make any stand whatsoever?  I entreat you to rethink your position. 
G.F. at Pensacola, Florida 

From the place where you are, you have aligned yourself into a position rare few have the opportunity to experience.  From here you will see things others cannot begin to comprehend, and it they could, they would probably not want to.  Thank you for your heart, and particularly for the desire in you to do what is right and honorable in the eyes of our King.

You are real free thinkers who love Jesus and are true to the Holy Spirit.  I find your letter (Open Letter to President Barack H. Obama) quite eloquent and excellent!  Much love to you and Kathy.
L.M. at Newark, Delaware

Dear Pastor Raymond, I am deeply touched by the testimony you have given in "Seized for Refusing to Incorporate".  My husband and I have been called out of the churches for several years now. But your explanation of what happens when a church is incorporated has helped greatly in my understanding of the Lord's will in this matter.

I certainly can relate to your discussion of Matthew 10:34-39. We have experienced family discord because of the changes the Lord has called us to make in our lives.  You are blessed indeed to have a loving wife who stands by your side in Christ.  My husband, and I are blessed in this way as well.
Dr. H.M. at Missoula, Montana
Your situation should have been national/international news, and I am so sorry that you have had to deal with this since 2005. I was just emailed a link by a cousin in Dallas, and he asked me to “investigate” the veracity of this due to his pressing court cases. I will report back to him with your web link. We were both raised in the church of Christ, and I am not certain whether our group has succumbed to the 503c status or not. I will also investigate that. We do not have any “head” of our church, nor committees, nor national presence, as we believe that ONLY Christ can be head of the church. In reading your website, I was able to also see that you believe that God’s Word is inspired and infallible, and so do we. I also am so grateful that you recognize the truth in scripture pertaining to immersion, and to communion. I believe we are brother’s in our Lord’s vineyard, and want you to know that I will pray for your strength, courage, and sustaining power in Almighty God, and send you my love and affection as well.
May God be with you always,
R.G. at Snohomish, Washington   

I have been expecting persecution of the brethren to begin in this country for some time. Your arrest is not unique and unfortunately it comes as no surprise. Sorry to say, I believe the same will happen to most of us before the Lord returns and I think there is little we can do to stop it. There is evidence indicating that Obama is a closet Moslem so I would expect little help from his administration.  As a people, we have departed from the Lord and we no longer listen to His true messengers.  I wish you well,
E.S. (International Ministries)

A friend sent me a link to your site. I applaud you for your steadfastness and walking in faith.  
D.C. at Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Dear Pastor, This is an issue that is very pressing. I am ministering to a couple pastors that at least have some interest in this subject. Your video may be helpful for them.  We are not connected to the State.  Very nice web site!  Blessings,
S.W. at Whitehall, Montana

"Many a man stumbles across the truth, then picks himself up and hurries on as though nothing had happened" - Winston Churchill
God Bless!  Thank you! 
Q.N. at Lakeville, Minnesota

Heard you on Butch Paugh's radio program.  I know the line in the sand is being drawn and I want to be on the Lords side.  May God bless you on your stand for him.  I too have made up my mind about this and already I find the rejection taking place.  Thank you for the DVD.  Sincerely In His Grace
R.K. at Alum Creek, West Virginia 

Greetings in the name of our Sovereign Lord;  Yes, I would like to receive a copy of this DVD.  This is an issue that we are acutely interested in.  We don't know whether we should unincorporate or just refuse to sign-off on 501-C-3, or what to do.  
M. F. at St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Thank you for your DVD, and God Bless you for your stand - you have many "underground" brothers and sisters gathering in other countries, just like many will be here in the U.S. some day!
K.C. at Council Bluffs, Iowa

Please send me a copy of your dvd so I can share it with my pastor.  Thank you.
G.G. at Bismarck, North Dakota 

We would like to have a copy of your DVD.  Thanks and God bless you for standing and not backing down.  "All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing." —Edmund Burke
In Service to the King of Kings 
J. M. at Spencerville, Indiana 

Dear Brother Raymond, I viewed your website about 3 yrs ago or maybe a bit longer and was very shocked of what had come upon your church. I was very skeptical at first. All the documents seemed to be on the up and up, but I was still unsure. That was my first encounter with an unincorporated church. I read much of your information and didn't know what to make of it.
I soon started to research more about the unincorporated church. To my amazement I have found it is a very controversial subject. I have been trying to read much material on the subject as I can. It is very concerning to learn that the majority of all churches here in these United States are incorporated.
I still have not been able to understand, people are still getting saved in these churches! I have tried to share with people the little info that I have come to learn, but am slow when debating or not fully clear in articulating the issues as someone else might be when it comes to explaining the issues in detail.
While conversing with my Sunday school pastor the issue of the 501c3 tax exempt status came up indirectly. He is aware of the church having the 501c3 status. Then went on to say if I don't like their policies then I would have to find another church. That first mention of the 501c3 and then to have the response as I did was very disturbing.  I have continued to fellowship there but it has been difficult.
Not long after that conversation the senior pastor did a sermon on Jesus being head of the church. In that sermon he mentioned that any christian or church that would submit to any earthly sovereign has relinquished the Lordship of Christ. After much time and slow acting not wanting to be divisive or causing discord I finally approached the senior pastor in regards to his sermon, only to be told that they have not been limited in what they preach or do. How can I submit to the pastor or a church who makes that statement? They say one thing but do another.
It is bringing discord in our home. I am a single dad with a son who wants to be involved with the church as much as I do as well but it is concerning to me that I am partaking in the sin of the church. Not that I do not have my own struggles because I do.  Should I let him go to church by himself? Am I causing him to stumble if I don't?  Can we not still read, pray and study scripture at home?
If you are able to direct me or inform me with other resources it would be much appreciated.  
B.J. at Sherman Oaks, California

I'll make sure other people watch it, and pass it on. If you want to send me several copies, I will guarantee to get them into other peoples hands, with them committing to passing them on to others.
K.R. at Medford, Oregon 

There are many of us who are not believers, who in many instances disagree strongly with the doctrines and social agenda of those in the greater Judeo-Christian-Muslim community, but yet who would stand with you as blood brothers in liberty, together, to oppose tyranny.

Speaking on behalf of a community of liberty-loving non-believers in Rhode Island, we are very interested in viewing the documentary of your battle with certain darker forces.

If you wish to enlarge the community of people who are informed about your situation, please send us a DVD.
D.R. at North Providence, Rhode Island

Dear William, We would love to receive a copy of your documentary.  We are out here, we agree and we do appreciate your work. Hal le lu Yah!  May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you and keep you. Until we meet again, I bless you in the Name of Jesus.  May he lift up his countenance to you, may He bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you, and may He give you peace and grace. Amen.  God Bless!  In Christ Jesus service,
J. G. at Audubon, Pennsylvania

I fought this battle with several families here in a small West Texas town.  We all had left a local church and started meeting for worship in a barn.  It was wonderful and alive until everyone wanted to incorporate.  Then it lost the spirit it had.  I had studied some on the church incorporating and presented some material to a few people on why we shouldn't do it, but it was ignored.  I am very interested in watching your DVD documentary.  Keep fighting the good fight.  May the LORD bless you for your continuing perseverance.
G.H. at Merkel, Texas 

F.B. at Boyertown, Pennsylvania

Thank you for the hard work you have done. I feel your pain, I too have brothers and sisters who will not listen when I tell them about the Bible. Even my father, who goes to what I'm sure is a Religious Corporation (church), does not believe me when I told him his church is like the synagogue of satan, Jesus warned us about at Matthew 6:5-7.  Your video explains the laws allot better than I ever did. I had a stroke from a truck accident and it's hard to remember things but I do the best I can with what I have, thank God.  The Internet and computer has helped me get the message out.
Isaiah chapter 41 verse 15 states, "Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shalt thresh the "mountains" (the Prophetical code-word for governments*), and beat [them] small, and shalt make the "hills" (code-word for bureaucracies) as chaff.  THE INTERNET?
P.S. at Oil City, Pennsylvania 

I would love to see and listen to your quest.  I have a small business and NOT incorporated.  Never will.  
K.S. at Dundee, Ohio 

Greetings William, Heard part of your interview with Dave on the Power Hour shortwave radio. My wife and I usually do church at home because of the lies being uttered in most churches. Most preachers don't teach the Bible.  We have heard about the 501c3 issue for some time now. We would like to receive a copy of the DVD you talked about.  We will try to send a small donation after the 1st of the month when we receive my small VA disability (Viet Nam).  We read the Bible daily and have read the KJV Bible from Genesis to Revelation over 75 times now. I can't remember it all, so I have to keep going back to read it again.
D.B. at LeFlore, Oklahoma

Hello Pastor Raymond, I heard you on The Power Hour this morning.  I am very sorry this happened to you but it is par for the course when it comes to this oppressive government we are under. God Bless, 

I enjoyed hearing you on The Power Hour this morning.  I am currently establishing a church in Waco Texas.  I am familiar with the and regularly listen to Brother Gregory on, so I am familiar with the issue(s) but would appreciate any resources you could provide or suggest of which I may not be aware.  Thank you.
M.C. at Waco, Texas

I heard you on the Power Hour on Wednesday, and I support you 100% in your cause. You should be considered a hero, but in this topsy-turvy world you are demonized instead!  Thank you so much for all you do!  Please let me know where to send my contribution.
G.S. at Austin, Texas 

Dear Pastor Raymond,  It was educational and enlightening to listen to the DVD you provided on your website.  Thank you sincerely and In Yashua
A.J. in Orlando, Florida

heard you on the pwer hour.  i would appreciate having a dvd on seized.  will share with my pastor.  we are not 501c3.  meet in a home.  please let me know how i can send a gift to you to help with cost.  need address.  thank you. 
B.G at Lebanon, Maine  

Dear Pastor William Raymond: Thank you very much for your service and dedication to our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ.  The property that you purchased you said was purchased with cash, that to me means money and not some phony notes like Federal Reserve Notes.  I do not expect the usurper Obama to do a thing for you, if he does it will surprise me.  Obama is a puppet of the NWO.  
In the service of the Christ,
J.L.R. at Mattawa, Washington

I would like to show your video to my pastor.  Thank you. 
D.D. at Kalispell, Montana 

Please forward a copy of "Seized for Refusing to Incorporate!" and I would like your permission to copy the DVD and give it to people who do not understand why I and my wife will not join a 503c congregation.  Thank you.
G.F. at Kalkaska, Michigan

I would greatly appreciate a copy of your DVD. I am aware of the persecution of non 501 (c)(3) churches.  My ministry is also not 501 (c)(3).  Christ Jesus laid upon my heart, through His Word, that it would be wrong to register with the state.  I appreciate your ministry!
Pastor G.F. at Concord, North Carolina

dear brother william my prayer's are with you and your family. i was listening to your testimony today on the power hour. i am also concern for my church for the Lord has been preparing me for this hour in real bible prophecy how the eighth beast is going to use 501c3 and the false prophet bank bailouts to centralize church loans and property into the control of the eighth beast to close down a lot of churches that no longer want to drink of her poison and fornication. also how would you advise me to talk to my pastor? i truly believe he is sent by God but also believe there is a wolf in sheep clothing who doesn't have his heart just gift and talents which i believe is causing him not to discern properly concerning 501c3.             

Pastor Raymond,  You are very articulate and sincere in your speaking. We are rapidly loosing our freedoms and most of the people don't even realize it. With them it's the, "as long as it's not affecting me" attitude, but it will affect all real soon.  I've read a lot of info on the 501c3 tax exemption and it is a terrible thing.  Pastors and churches are selling out for something that is illegal. They are already tax exempted! Hosea 4:6, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.........." I'm so very, very sorry for what happened to you!  
God Bless You,
J.D. at Fayetteville, Arizona           

Greetings; I have just finished watching your video.  It is hard to believe that in this corrupt world that there are still decent people such as yourself.  To be betrayed by those closest to you must have been unbearable.  I hope you find the strength to carry out your destiny.  
A.B. at Vancouver, Canada

Hello, we are trying to help spread the word, How much would 100 of your DVDs cost me?

Thanks again for your work.  I know how you suffer and the picture drawn on your website of that is pleasing to me.
T.B. at Fayetteville, Arkansas

I have been through a personal fight and several revelations myself, after I stepped my foot down and wanted to remain an independent business owner. I have a small ICT Company supplying services. Again like you experienced, in my case, the 'authorities' have a tendency to manipulate or even infiltrate your direct family members. But please consider that not every human being has the will power to withstand these temptations. Always remember that you have known good times with your family.
R.S. at The Netherlands

i watched your documentary and  am heartbroken that such a thing has happened in america.  
D.T. at Katy, Texas      

This is to inform you that the DVD (Seized for Refusing to Incorporate - The Story of the church at Salem) has been reviewed and found to have contained no evidence to support a charge of improper judicial conduct in this matter.  Consequently, the Committee’s file remains closed.
Very truly yours,
                          July 13, 2006 
________________________ seem to allege various procedural defects in the process leading up to the recent tax certificate sale (of the church at Salem).  Accordingly, your dispute with the procedure followed should be pursued in court and cannot be pursued with the City via the “Lawful Notice in Christ” you forwarded to us.  Again, I urge you to confer with legal counsel.
David J. Puma, Esq. Attorney for the City of Salem, New Jersey - 
                                 June 21, 2000 (parentheses added)

What a testimony you have.  Pastor Raymond, you, your family and church family, as well as those who think they are carrying out the law are in my prayers.  I know you already have the peace that passes all under-standing, I pray for that continued peace that only comes through Christ.  Just know there will be many lifting you up.  And perhaps many more will come to understand the true calling of Christ’s Church.  I fear many in our nation do not.  I pray that Christ be glorified thru your life and situation.
Your sister in Christ,
M.R. at Glen Rose, Texas      

I thank God for giving us strong warriors like you in times like these. 
C. & S. D.                        

My dear brother in the Lord Christ.  I wish to thank you for the very enlightening fellowship this evening.  It is not often that I have opportunity to speak with one who has searches the Scriptures and is seeking to live according to the Law of our King.  I must say that some, even much of our conversation was, to me, meat in need of hard chewing.  Pray for me.

I would also like to say to the congregation that the Lord has placed you over, “take courage”.  This is a fight that needs to be fought and who knows as it was with Esther so long ago, so it is now with those who must stand. 
              “For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and
              deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father’s house shall
              be destroyed: and who know whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?
              Esther 4:14

Our Lord Jesus the Christ Bless you,
Pastor M.E. at Summerfield, Florida Republic

You have been given unique gifts of a mind which apprehends this untenable situation, a powerful skill in research and writing (and speaking?) and, of greatest importance, guidance from your Lord. Your courage is inspiring and your convictions admirable and revolutionary.  I commend you for your action.  Please know I am sending my love and support to you as you follow your heart in this matter.
M.W. in Maine

I admit I don’t fully “get it” as far as your stand... however, I believe that you have studied the situation from all angles and I totally admire your willingness to stand for what you believe.  May God protect you and surround you with His arms of love, His peace and His wisdom.
G.E. at National Park, New Jersey

I am thankful for the position and stand that you have taken.  You are absolutely on target and exactly correct by my reckoning.  You are very unusual in my experience with all of this, even in your correct use and exaction of our Lord’s Name, Jesus the Christ.  Praise God.

I went to Indianapolis and stood with the Indianapolis Baptist Temple when the Feds came after them on the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  I was there for the entire 92 day “stand off” until the Feds finally raided.  I would like to help you in whatever way I can.  May God bless you richly.
Stand strong.

Brother Raymond, The Bible is clear in that “there is one lawgiver” and that is God.  Romans 13 is clear the government was ordained of God to enforce His law.  Government was not created to make its own laws.  So in short, the statutes of the government are not law at all since they were not enacted by the one and only Lawgiver.  

Government is to be honored when it does its God ordained function of upholding the law as given to us by the Lawgiver.  When government becomes “a terror to good works” as ours has, it ceases to be God ordained government.

If Christians could just get ahold of this principle and live by it, men like yourself would have no problem gaining the support of those who are supposed to be the people of God.
Pastor E.D. at Odum, Georgia
Thank you for sending me your DVDs.  I was wondering if you might have a TRANSCRIPT... I find your presentation extremely valuable as a treatise on religion and the law, and I would like to study it more in depth.  Also, I am wondering,  as to whether there is ANY PROCESS you can avail yourself to with regards to the manifest injustice that has occurred?  I understand you do not want to waiver from the TRUTH that the church is above the civil law and civil government -  and  government lacks standing and the court lacks jurisdiction, over the churches activities.  Is there any possible avenue to pursue in regards to regaining the property?
Blessings & Best Regards,
Pastor M.S. at Florence, Arizona

Pastor Raymond; I am truly sympathetic to your current circumstance with our out of control government. I will pray that the GOD of our universe will have mercy not only on you but the people of this nation that was formed on religious freedom and freedom from GOVERNMENT!. There are many factors that are driving the exact situation that is causing our government to resist any cause for our freedom.  For now I will not go into all of the causes of government unrest as you have enough problems on your plate. 

I would like a copy of the free dvd  . God will bless you in your endeavor and bring everyone to there knees as he has commanded. Keep the faith and fight for all of us.
P.N. at South Glens Falls, New York
Dear Pastor. I would ask you to consider that this may be God's doing. There is huge evidence building around the world that God is calling His people out from the false religious system many call "The Church" and into His true Church. It may be that He is doing the same to you. If you have been hearing from the Lord on this matter but doubting it, He may just have blessed you more than you know right now.  I will write more on this subject if you so ask me. Until then, I am praying for you, your wife and other Church members.

My Brother, I just spent the last 4 hours with your DVD and thank you very much.  There is much that I can use in my current legal predicament and so thank you for that information.
I have shared your rapes.  They tried to murder me, then lied, then stole, then denied me legal statutory defenses that they made in their laws; and have continued to do so for their personal profit.  They got the church acre and 39 more from me personally.  The judge died of a nerve disease that is cured by use of the herbs we grew at the church.  We wanted to give them to him for free - he was too compromised by past criminal associations to do Truth or Justice and so I suffer, we of the church continue to suffer, and he died a terribly painful death from his own hand.

In closing, thank you for having traveled this road and thank you for your DVD video and its contents.  We are all much improved by your work.  I am encouraging all that receive this message to contact you, obtain your information, and make it part of their lives in God too.
Rev. T.B. at Fayetteville, Arkansas
Dear Pastor Raymond:
You are to be honored for your Scriptural stand for the Word of God. There are approximately 300,000 local churches in America, and most all of them are government incorporated churches, i.e., they have prostrated themselves at the feet of another lord. Christ taught us no man can serve two masters, “No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” Luke 16:13.
Little known among the churches is the fact that “government tax exempt status” for churches is a relatively new concept. It was under the Johnson Administration that this idea was conceived that the holy and magnificent government should bless the churches with its scepter of righteousness by granting them tax exemption. Before this, the churches were properly recognized as inherently tax immune. Tax exemption is a privilege offered by government, but tax immune has nothing to do with government, for the government can neither add to nor take away from its inherent status.
The idea of tax exemption was invented by the god of this world to gain control over the churches by granting them a government privilege. So in order for the churches to retain their government privilege they must toe the mark. They cannot preach on “political” subjects such as alternate life styles dealing with marriage, when conception begins, candidates, home-schooling, corporal punishment of their children, taxation or other anti-establishment sentiments, lest they be tried for government invented sins, or for hate crimes in which pastors must offer penance.
Satan’s goal is to deter pastors from preaching the whole counsel of God as set forth by the Apostle Paul, “For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.” Acts 20:27. Further, Satan has now established that the churches must report to their new head of the church on all their financial affairs. Ahhh, what does this do to Christ’s clear command, “But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.” Matthew 6:3. When the churches give account on their mammon forms to their other lord, it is not only not secret, but is shared with Interpol, the NWO, and all law enforcement and all the nations of the earth through tax treaties. This hardly meets Christ’s command that our alms-giving be done in secret.
The churches have to decide which “lord” they are going to serve, for they can not serve both God and mammon! Show me a church that has a government tax exempt status and I will show you a church that has chosen by practice to serve mammon, i.e., the god of this world. In Jeremiah 10:2 we are told, “Learn not the way of the heathen.” Now notice that God does not here say, Do not worship what the heathen worship, but rather learn not the way of the heathen. Now the heathen render not unto the Lord God, but unto mammon. Now if the churches do likewise and answer to another lord what belongs to God after the manner of the heathen, have they not indeed learned the way of the heathen?
What’s more, looking at this matter from the civil approach, is not our Constitution the supreme law of this land? It says it is! “This Constitution… shall be the supreme law of the land.” Art. V, Sec. 2. Do we accept that? We are told, “The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the member of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution.” Art. V, Sec 3. Do we also accept that? If so, what saith the Constitution. “Congress shall make not law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit the free exercise thereof.” Amendment I. Is that true. If so, what is the meaning of “NO”? Do “NO” include the IRS Code, Title 26 USC 501(c)(3), by which Congress grants churches the privilege of tax exempt status?
By churches applying to the government for tax exempt status and filling out their forms, they are thereby renouncing the Constitution by practice. Shall we not call these churches un-American churches who by practice renounce the Constitution in addition to betraying their Lord in making an open show of their giving. Again I say, the churches can have but only one lord, not two.
Pastor William Raymond, you are to be honored for abiding true to the One and Only Lord God of Heaven as opposed to the mammon of this world.
In answer to your question as to a way of escape in your dilemma, God has already provided a way of escape for all the churches in America through passage of J.A.I.L. The question is not whether God has provided a remedy, but whether the churches will receive it. He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear.
Ron Branson

Dear Bro. Raymond, You can count me as one more person who has visited and read your very excellent web site.  Your plight came to my attention when the following email came to my email box though J.A.I.L, The Judicial Accountability Initiative Law, And yes, I believe J.A.I.L. is the answer to your persecution.  Even though my wife and I are simply NT born again Christians living a quite retired life here in Mexico, I had never before really considered your argument of maintaining your unincorporated status under the yoke of "Caesar."  On reflection, I believe your position is Biblically correct based on the proper reading of the Word. Here in Mexico we worship with a small group of non-denominational Christians in a "house church" like you do (or did).  Obviously we are not incorporated because believe it or not, Mexico, despite all its problem, still has more personal freedoms than my home country USA, sad to say.  Would that you could move to Mexico where you can still enjoy religious freedom!
Our prayers are with you for your courageous stand! You may add me to your email list for future updates on your battle with Satan.
In Christ,
R.& S. H. in Mexico  
Dear Pastor Raymond,I have received your sad report, that the Feds closed down your church for not wanting to "incorporate," and the very nice letter Ron Benson sent you. Yes, your loss is great but your reward will be even greater, for we are told "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered the 'heart of man'  (our "spirit of man" ICon.2:11), the things which God has prepared for them that LOVE Him"  ICor.2:9.  Our LOVE  must be "sacrificial", for God's love is Jn.15:13.  As Christians we must be willing to fulfill Mat.16:25 and also Lk.14:26,27,33. This tells us that we MUST overcome our losses, and sacrifices Mat.16:25 with our love.  We must overcome our FEARS with our FAITH for the "Fearful, and the unbelieving, and.... IDOLATERS, and all liars SHALL have part in the lake with burns with fire and brimstone: which is the SECOND DEATH" Rev.21:8, or eternal death Mat.10:28!  Therefore I congratulate you, for "enduring" your trial.  I also like to invite you to have a part of God's First Witness' Rev.11:3 "work" Acts 13:41, promised by Christ Mat.17:11, at the "End of this World" Mat.24:3 we are living now.  With your permission I am sending my latest article not yet posted on my website, attached!
Blessings and Peace,

Hello Friends, I just read your letter sent on by Ron Branson (J.A.I.L.).  May our Holy Lord guide you and bless you.  Many are turning to the Open Church, which is churches in homes such as the true church before the organized churches became so prevalent.  I pray in these last days for a great awakening and for The Holy Spirit of God to be poured out on His church. May they rise up and stand in holy boldness against the growing wickedness and evil doing, they have been silent for much too long.  As a servant of The LORD I thank you for this well written letter to the public.  My heart goes out to this Pastor and his wife. This evil, wickedness and tyranny is growing only because we allow it.  There are so very few who stand against and speak out against such evil as this. There are those out there who can certainly step in and put this tyranny down, most important, we the people of this nation.  Allowing a handful of tyrants to wield such control is pretty sickening.  Blessings to you and yours, may you be sheltered under the feathers of His Mighty Wings.  
R.L. in Dakota 

Dear Pastor William Raymond, I just wanted to commend you for your support and brave stand re your position the the 501c3 for churches.  I am very familiar with churches being seized.  My research and two books have specialized on the church leaders themselves who have hijacked their own local churches using the reversion clause and/or Rick Warren's programs which deal with resisters.
James Sundquist
Rock Salt Publishing
I am very impressed with your knowledge and have added you to my prayer list.  Please send me a dvd.
God Bless,
C.P. at Pahrump, Nevada 
Hello Pastor, To read of the news that you have been seized as well as your belongings is just unreal.
That you were given a choice to accept the mammon way or not to has become ambiguous, as really there was no choice at all.........  please - our prayers are with you and yours.  God alone will provide for you - just keep looking to Him and praising Him........ don't add anything else.... He says, "do not fret saying 'what shall we eat? what shall we drink? how shall we find clothing? for the heathen hunt for these!  Your heavenly Father knows that you need them all - but seek ye first THE Kingdom of God, and His righteousness [John 3:3 - 7 & Acts 19:4 - 7] and all these things will be ready for you" Matt 6:31-33................. after all, this New Covenant is the very reason Jesus came to Earth... to offer us His Comforter!! His Holy Spirit!!  I pray God you have this Covering!!  If you are walking in His Way, that of the Holy Spirit, He will see that you are Protected and Provided for... praise God!  We are all [those who walk in His Truth] being tested and tried, but hypocrisy and lies are very prevalent in your land... keep praying to Him in His Given-language-Gift to you... and sing unto Him!!  Mighty Blessings are asked for to be over you...........
Sincerely in the Lord.
B. in New Zealand

As for the web site--I read some of it and if you want to believe this it is ok---but just don't do it against those that have the guns and make the rules.  It will not work.
R.H. at Yucaipa California

Dear Brother William, Our Father's blessings be upon you!  Your witness is worthy.  I am grateful for it!  
There is nothing new about your plight.  From the earliest days our Father's Children fled tyrants and lived to resist them.  It is no different today.  As for your stalwart position, I must say your honorable conduct is a welcome marvel!  If is worthy for the Kingdom, we must do it.  Not for the material wealth but for the purpose of our service and the performance of our duty.  "All authority is given unto me in Heaven and on Earth. GO ye therefore and teach all nations to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you."  May our Father bless your every endeavor.
In His service, R.S

Dear Brother, Thankful for men like you who stand up to the evils that have crept into our Republic as delivered by the noble founding fathers of the USA.  The Lords blessings for stand of courage you have taken for the Lord in such an evil time in USA and the world presently.  Your massage will be shared with others - gift of thanks enclosed.
With my prayers.
B.G. at Lebanon, Maine

William Raymond, I watched your dvd documentary and found it educational, as well as the best spiritual meal I've had in yrs.  You made mention that this was a first draft; I found it quite excellent in its plainness and being straight-forward.  I also felt your pain when you talked about the many betrayals that you and Kathy Lois experienced.  I did recognize some of the names listed in the credits (Butch Paugh, Wiley Drake, Randy Lee).  
I want to thank you for your permission to duplicate them and will.  I know several folks here that will be willing to view these.  Thanks very much.  
In Yeshua,
G.A. at Colorado Springs, Colorado

Your letter to Obama was balanced, well measured - and never to be read by any thoughtful person with authority. Tragic.
R.P. at Nipomo, California

Dear William Raymond, I just read the two articles Podium III and IV.  Thank you so much for writing them.  This was the first time I have not voted in my life since I registered at 18.  (I will be 50 this month.)  It has only been in the last 2-3 years that YHWH has been revealing to me and my husband why this nation was really begun through David Bay's Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings series.  YHWH has shown us that we, as believers and Israel, are living under bondage just like our forefathers.  We have a "king who knows not Joseph."  I feel like I have been living in "the Matrix" all my life!  I have always been very patriotic, and working to take this country back from the wicked people who hijacked it...until I realized my allegiance was NOT to this country but to YHWH's kingdom.  AND that this country has not been is exactly where it was planned to be!  Christianity today has been sucked into this "if you are a good Christian, you will be patriotic" thinking for years!  Now in evangelical, fundamental, conservative Christianity, patriotism and Christianity are inextricably intertwined...almost to the point that if you are not to some degree politically active, your salvation is questioned! 
Anyway, off my soapbox.  Thank you for your site and for your stand. 
C.F. at La Grange, North Carolina

Jer 16:19  O Yehweh, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.

From the cowardice that shrinks from new truth,
From the laziness that is content with half truth,
From the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth,
Oh Yeh of ALL Truth, deliver us.
Dear William Raymond, I so much would like a copy of the DVD that you have listed on your web site titled, "Seized For Refusing To Incorporate!" I'm from Western N.Y. and remember hearing about this terrible tragedy while it was taking place. Many people around me such as family and friends think that I am a renegade, or conspiracy theorist, or just a  trouble maker because I don't go along with the status quo.  I too am a Bible believing Christian who refuses to bow to The New World Order!  Our Father has truly blessed You and your Wife for standing up for Truth and what’s right!
Sir, I have little money at this time, If you could send this DVD to me, It would be a blessing and a tool for me to educate others on the Satanic doings of our Corrupted Government. I will send small gifts of money when possible.  Thank you so much for your time and hard work in exposing these corrupted people for what they are.
T. J. M. at LeRoy, New York

Dear William Raymond: You, Sir, have been virtually "scourged", for not taking a license!  A license often becomes an arbitrary control by government that makes a crime out of what ordinarily would not be a crime. IT TURNS A RIGHT INTO A PRIVILEGE! 
A.S. at Berkeley, California

Regarding your website, it is a pain in the a**!  It went to load and load and load and load .... through our constipated phone lines to the PC until I finally terminated the ordeal and never loading everything on. 
               to months later E.W. wrote...


Hi again William, Thanks for sending me the DVDs.  I was up until six this morning watching them.  I agree with you 100% that you were right.  I wonder if the churches in the beginning of our nation had any hassles like you did.  

It seems to me that someone owes you at least the amount of cash that you invested in the house in the first place.  Do you think that when the time comes when we, the ecclesia, will be reigning with the Lord that the people who took your church/parsonage will be under your rule?  My wife is from Russia and I told her your story.  She immediately told me about the times in Russia during the October Revolution, 1917, when the Bolsheviks took things out of the cathedrals and many things were destroyed.  My wife attended a fellowship there pastored by a man from Texas of the Baptist denomination.  Her family have been Christians for several generations and during the Soviet times had to worship in secret.
B.T. at San Jacinto, California

Dear Pastor Raymond, Greetings in the Name above all names - our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, amen.  I am deeply sorrowed for the pain you and your lady are enduring. Rod and I have fought the Beast with all we have been able to muster through the years.  You are not alone.  My prayers are with you and my soul understands the heartache you have been going through.  May this letter brighten your days to know you are much loved by those of us out here who are now in the world who are also believers. 
May you remain blessed in the Lord always,
R.S. at Leon, Iowa

Dear Pastor Raymond, What did President Obama say in his answer to your very well written request for his assistance? I trust you were not holding your breath while waiting. You have expressed very succinctly the principles upon which God's Church should be operating. I never blame the devil worshippers for "doin' what comes natur'ly".  Satan's children are far more faithful in doing the will of their father than Christians (including me) have been in doing the will of our Father. 
In your study of the law have you studied the Oath of Office that all of your oppressors have given? The raised hand while giving the Oath symbolizes a call to God to Witness the Oath. Jesus has made it clear that no one approaches the Father except in the Name and Authority of The Christ. Except a man be born again he cannot see or enter the Kingdom of Heaven. How can the Oath of a non-believer possibly be valid? The requirement of the Oath mandated by the Founding Fathers was seen by those Founders as the Constitutional wall preventing the non-believer from holding any office of public trust. They expected that future generations would use the fact that only Believers could raise their hand to call God as Witness to the Oath as a guarantee that none but Believers would ever hold public office. How can anyone not born again raise his hand to call upon God and Lawfully give the Oath of Office. Such an act by a non-believer is pure blasphemy, now and forever a crime at the Common Law!  
In His Name,
A.W. at McKeesport, Pennsylvania

Send me the dvd so I can learn what happened to you.  In the meantime, send me your mailing address and I will give you my seed set as a gift.  You keep standing strong.
Big John Lipscomb
Survivalist Seeds 

Your d.e. water solution is amazing, and you better believe I am interested in your motorized bike project!  I'd sure like to share your wonderful email with my listeners.  I am humbled by your friendship - you sir, are a bright light.
Big John

Dear Pastor Raymond, I just read through the comment section of your website. It is good to see so many others who have been affected by your ministry, and I am honored that you would put my comments at the top of your list. When I became aware of your stand, I was greatly encouraged to know that there are those Christians who love the Lord enough to be willing to lay everything on the line for Him and His truth.
God bless you for all you do, dear brother!
For His Glory,
Brother Jerald Finney

Dear Pastor, While many may not hear, we do, and have been a non 501 c 3 since 1995.  Interestingly we share the same last name - no relation I am sure.
Pro Rege!
Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond  M.A. Th.D.
The Reformed Bible Church In Central Virginia @ Appomattox
The Institute For Theonomic Reformation
The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy

Pastor Raymond, Continue the good fight, God will bless you.  In case you have not seen this video, it is a sobering wake-up call which shows some of the power behind what is happening...on Capitol Hill.
God Bless and keep His hedge of protection around your family.
Dan L.

Hi, pastor. There were several muslims attending the small college I did, and at the same time; I found those individuals to be kind, generous, hospitable and honorable folk, and have a hard time getting my head around the 'extremist/terrorist' label that has increasingly become pasted upon the forehead of every muslim.
Yeah, there are those, but we have our own christian examples of stone killers and genocidal machines.  So far as I can tell, people who mind the core tenets of Islam, Judaism and Christianity are folks most would be glad to have as neighbors.  I hope that the christian community will regain consciousness soon, and start checking up on the preacher by reading the scriptures for themselves, particularly the texts used as the base for sermons.  I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of the pastors who've sold their office for anything, and am so pleased that there are some who stand fast in the face of adversity and trial.  Pastor Peters beat 'em, so no doubt you will too, with God's help.
Ken C. at Las Vegas, Nevada

The following is an email I received in response to my essay titled, “Islam & America”, says the caption“.  As I write this notation, the event which I mentioned in my essay is happening in Washington.  Yesterday Barack Obama took the podium at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh where the press proudly proclaimed him to be “President of the World”.  In my estimation, the New World Order has now officially been introduced to the world while the overwhelming majority watching have no idea what it is they've just witnessed!  In light of these two world-changing events I am led of the Lord to present to you for your learning and edification in Christ this email in its entirety.  It shows us once again that those who are not afraid to speak truth to power are definitely among the minority.     

Dear pastor, I am a born again old fashioned Baptist, and this is the first time I have heard about your church. Thank you for writing.  I'd say more, but my hands are giving out for now.  Why???  Because I have fought the New World Order for so long.  The only church I knew about ever being taken over, was an Independent Baptist church in Indianapolis, Indiana, by Bush.  It was his first endeavor to do anything in our nation besides change the republican logo to Goadhead of Mendes. I have mentioned both of these things dozens upon dozens of times.  To date, no one has cared.  Texe Marrs had a very, very small article on it.  The paragraph on it almost went unnoticed.  Sword of the Lord had a greeting card size article on it.  Southwest Radio Church had two long lines against it.  I have been unable to get anyone to care.  Gregg Dixon was the Pastor's name.  He wrote the book, The Trail of Blood Revisited.  For some eight years I have pleaded with my friends to recognize that Bush was pushing for Islam-and I have pointed out how he persecuted the Christians.  No one seemed to care that Bush ordered our schools to teach our children to be Muslims.  In the 2004 President race, it was Republican Bush, against Democrat Kerry and both were Skull and Bones.  98% of the people voted for one or the other of them.  Didn't that tell us where our country stood religiously.  Besides, The Bohemian Grove has put their Republican man in for over a hundred years, except for Calvin Coolidge.  I could list this page full, and still not cover all of Obama's power, but perhaps his two biggest helpers, which most people don't know, are Hillary and Baby Bush.  They are Goathead of Mendes, the same as he is-there a big brother and a big sister.  Who knows about his other helpers, but Sonya Sotomayer was in the women's equilavent of The Bohemian Grove.  (She may have taken her body out of the group, but I believe her heart is still there)  I only know of two Baptist preachers who showed concern when Baby Bush went to push the MARK 666 on us.  The Real Id card, with the chip in it, or we could not buy or sell.  I assume they are also concerned about the Pass Id card that Oabama has.  A few weeks ago, a Baptist preacher friend here in Tucson, got very angry at me.  He called me stupid, stupid, stupid, evil and wicked-because I told him that Bush was Skull and Bones.  A Baptist preacher friend of mine, and his wife, friends for thirty years, told me to never write to them again.  Why?  Because I told them that Bush was Skull and Bones.  I believe a lot of people have been mind controlled, and I believe that is how Obama got in.  Isn't --And he causeth all--full of mind control?  I'm told they use the mind control machine to put people in certain moods.  I read that Saddam's men gave up without firing a shot in Desert Storm.  I've also read that they can control a man's sex appetite-was Clinton a victim?  We also had 6 000 of our soldiers to commit suicide last year, and who knows how many before then.  Did we put them in that mood?  Well, after their third and fourth tour to Iraq, they were quite stressed out, and already dying from the depleted uranium, weren't they?  Wasn't that cheaper than sending them to a hospital where they could get a bit of care?  For those who survive, aren't we going to call them disgruntled, put them in a Concentration Camp, and offer them euthanasia?  Remember that Obama wanted the soldiers to pay for their own sicknesses and wounds.  And Kissinger has called them, throwaways.  Mind Control-patent no 5,l73,703---and 4,858,6l2.  And won't the people be mind controlled into taking the poison flu shots?  And according to Texe Marrs, Bill Gates plans to turn 'filled up' mosquitos loose on us, to be certain we get the shots.  Those of us who refuse, even though that the last time the flu shots were given, only one died from the flu, 300 from the shots, and 4 000 were injured, we'll be facing fines, jail, or the Concentration Camps.  (To date, I don't know of one person who is upset at Bush for giving Haliburton 385 million dollars to build the camps.  Except me, of course.   Texe Marrs, the Cuttingedge, and the American Free Press have mentioned them.)  Dears, Obama supported his Pastor, Jeremiah Wright, in his Black Liberation Theology.  That is the teaching that God should kill all whites, or that his group should kill God.  Isn't the Lord angry at us for supporting such?  Didn't our country go bankrupt from supporting Skull and Bones?  And now we're supporting Black Liberation Theology?  Please go to your Scriptures. Go to the words, Babylons, don't some of them describe the United States?  We're not there at Armageddon, are we?  Won't we whites be wiped out from the flu shots? and the bloodbath that will follow the gun confiscation?  (And can't Mind Control put us to sleep while our houses are searched for our guns?  Metal detectors will find them, won't they?---And won't they pick up the barcodes on our hidden food while there at it?)  ------And he causeth all---Dears, aren't we DETERMINED NOT TO KNOW ABOUT THE HAARP MACHINE?  Didn't it show itself in Texas?  Texas has complained about a few things.  So they had quite a drouth, then, six inches of rain.  Then, a hailstone shower -in El Paso-that did millions upon millions of dollars worth of damage to their cars.---How about the eleven inch rain in Atlanta?  Isn't eleven an occult number?  Please remember that there were about l8 elevens at 9-ll.  ---Please remember that Daddy Bush said the words NWO 2l0 times, and that the Bushs and Clintons pushed for it and now Obama is pushing for it.  And both Bush and Obama    pushed for the MARK 666 cards-trying to force us into pledging allegiance to the Antichrist.  Let us be certain to only follow the Lord Jesus Christ.
Joyce M.

I have been aware of this for awhile now. We have just invited another Pagan entity on our Nations Capitol along with the Wiccans in the Military. The beat just goes on until the ALMIGHTY has had enough and Judgement falls.... Meanwhile the Apostate Corporate remains apathetic and allows the real churches (who are preaching/teaching the Truth) to get seized. Oh I forgot they are getting evacuated out of here.
Tracy A.

You may have some that want off your list, but not me. I know you live a life for Christ first, and yourself second. The consolation, you or any of us has in persecution, is in Christ and His promises.  Thank you for writing, “Islam & America”, says the caption.  I have so many Christian friends that don’t believe that Islam is the final enemy of the church. The “whore Babylon”, in my opinion is the Catholic church, and all of the 501(c)(3) churches are just offshoots of this evil enterprise. The fake Jews that are of the Synagogue of Satan, and the “Jewish” religion are many of anti-Christ’s. I am sure you are aware that the Rothchild family, Kabbalist Jews, took over the treasury of the Vatican in 1823. This, to me, is further proof.
Matthew 5:10  
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Matthew 5:11  
Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.
God bless you,
Ross L. G. at Snohomish, Washington
Dear Bro. William, Thank you for your emails. It is good to know that all of “Christianity” and “Churchianity” is not asleep in pagan America. I believe you are correct, America believes the same as pagan Communist China; we’re just not to the place of blatantly (it is done covertly) executing real Christians yet.  We’re in the midst of a Marxist Revolution and the dumbed-down pastors can’t even see it.  May the Lord Jesus Christ give you and your family grace and tenderness towards each other as you have gone through, and continue to go through, what He has put on your plate in this hour.  
Yours because Jesus Christ is God, Lawgiver, Judge, King, and Chief Captain…………. among many other things He is still The Lilly of the Valley, The Sweet Psalmist of Israel, The Friend of Sinners, The Good Samaritan, and my Chief Shepherd, 
John L
Bless you once again Apostle William Raymond. I call you this because a Pastor is not a Church office or a position of Authority in the body of Christ......
You have earned this Title. I believe as well as others you are annoited for this.....
The Populace has always been an Enemy of the State as was Christ and his Disciples and Apostles after him. The State does not see they are the True Terrorists.
There is True Freedom and Liberty in the Word of God and we hold that in our Hearts.
All else is Babylon which is the Oppressor and Destroyer of all which is Righteous....
Tracy A.

William, I just got your email alert titled, “Your Own Personal ‘Liquid Demon’ Is Coming”.  What the government is trying to do here to the people is terrorism at its "best".  If anyone tries to inject me, I will be reactive in the extreme.  Injections of this sort are nothing more than assault and battery... CRIME!  What has the world come to anyway?  We must be very close to the end of this age.  This is a horror story of all horror stories.
Saint after saint tell me that they are leaving or have left the established churches and are starting home fellowships (just like they had in the 1st Century church). I believe the Lord is guiding them to do so because from Revelation 11:7 it appears that the visible churches are going to be destroyed, maybe not physically but certainly spiritually. Isn't that what is happening as congregation after congregation is led away into gross error and charismatic doctrines of demons?
May the Lord continue to bless and keep you dear brother,

Hi Pastor Raymond, I would be grateful for receiving your DVDs. Your message is vital to the will of God, because refusal to incorporate constitutes refusal to bow to Satan. I'll find some zealous followers of God the Saviour, Jesus, who will help to distribute your DVDs to those whom Jesus has given ears to hear.
John  D. at Towaco, New Jersey 

Pastor Raymond, I look forward to your documentary DVD set.  Thank you for showing us the way in courage and conviction.  All the best to you and your family.
Gary S. at  Dripping Springs, Texas

Pastor William, 
I got your DVD 2 disk set "Seized for Refusing to Incorporate" Thank you again. I haven't watched it, but looking forward this weekend...... Forgive me for being slow for I am very shy to talk to you in person (About my problem) but Hiding Isn't the answer to get anything done...... 
My name is Y. S. born and raised in Yalta, Ukraine... Moved to U.S in 1996.  I honestly want to start relationship with Jesus Christ... I'm tired of living the life I'm living today .....  My problem is not knowing(JESUS) but my faith is weak (not Firm) I don't want to be a hypocrite in the eyes of GOD Bible States that " Faith is Dead without The Deeds"  I want To worship him... I want have relationship with him.... I want to follow him I trully believe That theres a spiritual world out there.... Theres a battle for every soul out there........
I fear GOD because he is rightious and I am a Sinner.  Maybe you could help me understand a little better.....
Here is my # xxx-xxx-xxxx.  Call me Tomorrow or sometime. 
Thank you again
Y.S. at Lynnwood, Washington

Greetings Pastor Raymond, 
Pastor you and I know that we are living in a pagan nation under the control and direction of that dragon of old. The people give lip service to the Almighty, but look to Him not at all for direction, nor do they credit Him for the abundance that has been given them.
I served in the Army in Europe in the early fifties, and at that time the denominational churches had already been amalgamated with the state. They were supported by public taxes that were levied upon all of the people church members, believers, and non-believers alike. The people got what they paid for with their taxes, a state supported pastor preaching a state certified socially correct pseudo Christian message.
One wonders where is this separation of church and state that our judiciary and now communist government boast. As with all totalitarian regimes it is a one-way street. The government can interfere with a church and mandate that a church incorporate, but the church has no right to assert independence as a people under the Sovereignty of God.
I am entirely sick of hearing of the rule of law, The law lies in the arbitrary minds of the judiciary and not in the Constitution. God's laws are immutable and absolute while the laws of men are based upon the shifting sands of fallible human thought.
The church at Salem has the honor and distinction of being exiled for Christ, as was John the Revelator whose prophesies detail in minute detail the ultimate fate of governments that follow the devil's guidance and transgress against the Holy One and His people..

Oh my... I just read your story.  I have always known (I am not a bible scholar) that being a 501 as a church was an holy muzzle.  But I had never heard anyone speak of it... wow!  I am touched that you have found the courage to make a documentary.  Please let me know what you need from me for the free DVD other than name and address of course.
God Bless you now,

After reading my email message An Oblivious Day At The Beach (02-16-10), I received the following from Dr. Brook Stockton.  Brother Stockton was a Baptist pastor most of his life, and was Dean of Men and Professor of Theology at Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He had first-hand experience with the incorporation issue when his deacon board, made up of government workers who feared for their security clearance, pressured him to resign the pastorate after he refused to register Forest Meadow Baptist Church (SBC) with the IRS.  Brother Stockton, 63, currently leads an unregistered home church in Albuquerque.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I respect those precious few courageous warriors like him who, despite all they have to lose, refuse to shrink from the battle but rather press onward into the persecution for the Prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus.  

Excellent!  Likewise, I’m sending you an email similar to the one you sent me that was circulated recently. Read Isaiah 52: 1-7.  What a parallel today: a sleeping church, uncircumcised minds controlling the state, and the church in chains.  

William, you can’t be too strong on this and insisting the church de-incorporate and throw off the unequal yoke! In my opinion church incorporation is the reason the church today is considered irrelevant and impotent to deal with our cultural wars. Continue to challenge church leaders as they are blind to the problem. 
May God bless your work.
Pastor Brooks

Just heard about your story from John Libscomb’s radio show. Praise God for your faithfulness. I am one of those asleep pastors (Springfield Presbyterian Church since 1992) until about 18 month ago. Not sure what the future holds but I know who holds the future. I would love to see your dvd.  
Pastor Clay Stevens at Springfeild, Kentucky

You are looking dumber than the people you call dumb. Re: Glenn Beck.
Joe C.

Thanks for sending your email, 1078+ architect and engineers want the truth.
Not only do I believe that the official 9/11 story has huge holes in it, but I am needing to speak up to a group I am involved with about how they are being conned and manipulated by a party hack and a religious hustler.
Your email gives me a great template for how to do this.
Doug Newman -

Brother William,
I had the opportunity to read your post, and I also watched your video.  I wanted you to know that I will be praying for you.  It's terrible the way the state has treated you, particularly the mayor and his lawyer cronies.  If it's any consolation, I know that you are doing right by the Lord, and he will reward you for your long-suffering.  Forgive my ignorance of any updates on your website, but I'm curious to know how your wife is faring.  Also, have you had any breakthroughs with your children?  I can't imagine the heartache all those ordeals must have given you.  I will do what I can to intercede on your behalf, so as to disarm the enemy.
Our King is Mighty,
Jeff R.
Since you don't practice what you preach, and use others to do your dirty work with the government so you (in your own mind) can remain pure unto the lord, don't ever send me any more of your bullshit.  People like you give jesus a bad name, and I'm thinking he's pretty damn pissed at you and others of your ilk right about now!  You might ask yourself what you did in your oil days to stop the corporate rape of our earth - seeing as how you were such an insider and all.  Actually there's many questions you should be asking yourself about your two-faced actions through the years. 
Take me off your BS list - I'm not buying in!!!  From now on your emails go where they belong - in my "junk" folder
Betty B.

Brother In Christ:
Many different occasions have I received communication from you....  Least of when I have been in battles, attempting to prove to others about the demagrogary of the 501-c3, open it's doors for soul winning business..... Of which this falls upon many a deaf ears here in Nebraska, especially in Omaha.....   Peoples hearts have been charred black by the seduction of of this beast, and what is told to them, stirs a little hatred for such, as they point out, it's a different doctrine than what they learned of Christ cruxified and that nothing else is needed..... I will pass this on to others who need to have more understanding of the meaning "Come out from amongst her my people", but, the beast has blinders on God's people and their hearts have been hardened...........  What can I say?????  It's their milk that has gone sour and no one cares...............  Guess, many will have a big surprise one day, no doubt....
Keep up the Good Fight for Yeshua.
F. B. at Omaha, Nebraska

Greetings in the Name of Jesus,
I want to applaud you all and wish to express my agreement with your position.  In fact, I have written to my Pastors and others concerning the incorporated status of the church and what that all means.  In fact I attached a copy of the Ontario, Canada Handbook for Corporations that states exactly what you have been saying.  However, I have had no affect on the pastors I have sent this to, but I am BCC'ing them with this mail in the hope that something you say may trigger something in them that may cause a shift in consciousness.
I believe that since I have been placed amongst them, I have been so placed by my Heavenly Father and I will remain until He reveals to me why He has placed me among them.
Blessings to you.
Love & Peace of I,
Wally D. at Ontario, Canada

Dear William,
Thank you for your DVD’s entitled “Seized for Refusing to Incorporate - The Story of the church at Salem”.  If I had known your story earlier, I would have made reference to it in my recently published memoir “Emergence from Illusion”.  I will circulate your documentary as I am able.
In truth, the church of which you are a member, is in the front line of what appears to be a monumental battle, and you are a very good example to all other individual Sovereigns out there who need to join in this process.  The “battle”, however, is not the church vs state” - it’s the “Republican State” vs the corporate state; or more succinctly, it’s substance vs fiction.  Ironically, when the curtains are fully drawn away, the totally unexpected truth is revealed: there is actually no battle at all.  For when one adheres to substance, fiction simply dissolves and disappears.
I congratulate you for your strength and determination to learn, stand up for what’s right, and your ability to be compassionate towards those who either can’t or won’t make the same stand.  In the end, concerning
accountability, we each stand alone - regardless of faith; but those of us who are able can unite our efforts for the preservation of the Republican State of the World.
Members of all faiths within the Republican State of the World have been, and are, being called out to perform certain tasks in preparation for this great dissolution of fiction.  Thank you for doing your part.
In Love & Peace,
Ricardo J.  Australia