Seized for Refusing to Incorporate!

            Yes, it really happened...  right  here  in  America! 

            (Liner notes from the back cover of dvd case) 

     Imagine being accused of committing a crime - a crime considered so grievous by those in power that both you and your wife are arrested and formally charged as criminals; a crime so severe that Counter Terrorism Agents seize your home and everything in it; a crime so unspeakably heinous that it’s not even written in the law books.  Not written... because, in reality, the crime doesn’t exist! 

       Imagine a conspiracy by those in power so carefully crafted and convincingly executed that nobody ever suspected that they were the ones who were really breaking the law!

   Imagine, your own children and other family members and friends so cleverly deceived that even they become persuaded to believe you are guilty and have committed this imaginary crime. 

   Imagine, being told by your family that you are mentally unstable and “living in your own personal reality” because you believe in and practice a literal expression of your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord.

      Imagine, finding out that those you loved and trusted had been tricked into making secret deals behind your back - deals that, unbeknownst to them, would provide a perfect legal cover for all the corrupt officials who abused the power of their office for 6 1/2 years so that they could publicly harass, discredit and eventually steal everything you ever worked for.

     Imagine, being silent for the next 2 1/2 years, fighting off bouts of depression because you had no way to communicate about what happened to you and your wife who are now “homeless in this life” for the first time in 35 years, as you dwell at their pleasure in the homes of others.   

                                                                 Imagine no longer...

                                                         Now, see and hear for yourself.
                                                    Seized for Refusing to Incorporate!

while unveiling carefully guarded secrets about the subject of church incorporation in general, reveals the shocking truth about what happened to the church at Salem - a story that, until now, has never been fully told.

    Here together for the first time are the hard, cold facts about church incorporation accurately told within the context of a story that should never have happened in America... or anywhere else.

    If you are one of the many trusting souls among the multitude of incorporated churches in America who think “Jesus is Lord” over your incorporated church... think again! 

    No doubt most churchgoers will find the information in this documentary “a hard pill to swallow”.  Others may be tempted to dismiss its message for the obvious lack of the films professional production.  Just the same, those who truly worship Christ “in spirit and in truth” will not be able to walk away from it unchallenged within.

                    Every legislator, every judge, every law enforcement officer,
              every pastor, religious leader and church member in America...

               Everyone needs to see this eye opening documentary. 

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Seized for Refusing to Incorporate!